SkyCruiser SC-200 "NEW FACE"

New company, new image, new design. This inspired us to create something brave and new from the familiar 'traditional' shape of our aircraft remodelling it a little. Designing the shape we spent much time on ergonomy, comfort and modern design while taking into consideration also aerodynamic features. The body was positioned on the frame using the data of nearly 150 take offs and landings as well as several hours' horizontal flying. The rounded profiles make our new model precious and gracious. The undercarriage has got over an esthetic modification enabling it to reduce drag with aerodynamic components. We kept the traditional arrangement of long standing of the undercarriage because of safety reasons with this model. We did not touch the controls so it will be easy to get used to it.

The engine compartment has received an enclosing cover like other types on the market. The new model will be available with pneumatic and electric trim system and other accessories.

Comfort is highlighted in our new model, we have changed the position and the size of the seats. Adjustable pedal system is standard equipment. This type also will be available with different engines and extra accessories to fully satisfy the needs of our customers.

Technical details

Engine: Rotax 912 125 Hp turbo
Rotor: 8,4 m AVERSO
Main Gear: 3 point, with sock absorber
MTOW: 560 kg
Vne: 165 km/h
Vcruise: 145 km/h
Fuel: 95 octane petrol / ~75 litre
Take off distance: ~120 m